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[Press Release #330] DEPUTIES RESCUE MEDIC

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[Press Release #330] DEPUTIES RESCUE MEDIC

Post by Sheriff's Information Bureau » March 9th, 2017, 4:31 am

Release #330 - March 9th, 2017
Deputies Rescue Medic
In the early morning hours of March 5th, Deputies received reports of a medic gone missing. Immediately, units coordinated with the Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) to search the dash-camera of the medic's vehicle. A black sedan was found on the dash-camera fleeing the location the abandoned ambulance was found. Deputies immediately coordinated search efforts for the missing vehicle.

Within minutes, the vehicle was cited in the Eastern Flint County area. The occupants of the vehicle exited and opened fire on the deputy who had found them. He was, however, able to give the location of the suspects. A cruiser that had been investigating in Blueberry was able to respond and gain visual. Two Sheriff's Helicopters took flight in coordinated efforts, one to Bone County from Dillimore, the other to San Fierro from the Airport. Visual was regained on the vehicle on a bridge from San Fierro to Tierra Robada.

Suspects made 911 calls ordering units to back off, and both helicopters pulled higher altitude to maintain visual on the suspects without giving their own location. The suspects switched from their vehicle to a boat and took off into the open waters. Air units worked to coordinate with tactical units in a boat to find the suspect's location. Tactical was eventually able to locate the boat and board it. Three suspects were immediately taken down. The medic was unconscious and taken to the western shores of San Fierro, where a Sheriff's Medic was on standby.

The medic was treated by the Sheriff's medic on scene and placed into a helicopter. Deputies monitored her vitals during flight to All Saints General Hospital (ASGH), where she underwent surgery. Deputies remained at the hospital until her surgery was complete and announced that she is expected to make a full recovery.
Written by: Marissa Hazeldine
Edited by: Ezio Poldilotta
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