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    PICTURED: AN LSSD Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

    On the evening of April 10th, the Los Santos Sheriffs Department Special Enforcement Bureau was alerted of a potential active shooter, hostage-taking, and bomb threat situation within the San Andreas News Tower. Members from the Special Enforcement Bureaus Special Weapons Team, Tactical Entry Team, Medical Services Team, Bomb Squad and pilots from the Los Santos Aero Bureau Air 5 Rescue Program responded.

    Arriving on scene Special Enforcement Bureau found one subject claiming to be a hostage shot at the entrance to the building. Los Santos Fire Department personnel, as well as Sheriffs Deputies from Santa Clara Valley Sheriffs Station and the East Los Santos Sheriffs Station, were actively tending to the subject's wounds.

    With this subject injured in front of the building paired with a call from the active gunman stating he had another hostage, members of the Special Enforcement Bureau organized two separate entry teams. One team was designated to enter from the top of the building, these deputies under the leadership of SEB Sergeant Wesley Abrams boarded the LSSDs Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma and were tactically inserted on the roof of the building. While this team was being flown into position Tactical Deputy Brad Rothenberg called the gunman to gather critical intelligence about his whereabouts, intentions, and requests. SED Lieutenant Justin Hayes controlled the ground floor entry team while Special Operations Division (SOD) Sergeant Daniel Pietrzykowski manned the Command Center.

    Tactical Deputy Rothenberg reported that the gunman hung up the phone on him and was becoming belligerent and excessively hostile. Tactical Deputy Rothenberg then reported that the gunman fired a shot and reported that the gunman stated he just shot his second hostage.

    The gunman was found on the main floor with a hostage, tactical teams began ordering the subject to drop the weapon. The gunman raised the weapon and was fatally shot. A member of the entry team also serving as an Emergency Services Detail (ESD) Paramedic began providing immediate care to the injured parties while other ESD Paramedics were cleared to enter the building. Tactical Deputies continued to clear the interior of the building looking for secondary threats, with no explosive detection present on monitors this information was relayed to the Command Center.

    The Command Center operated by SOD Training Coordinator Daniel Pietrzykowskit deemed the scene "cold" and coordinated response from Los Santos Fire Department personnel who were staging down the street. Deputies remained on scene and underwent a force investigation that found the shooting to be justified.

    The two hostages were transported to a local area hospital and are expected to fully recover.

    SOD Sergeant Daniel Pietrzykowski had the following to say regarding the situation.

    "I am proud of the outcome of this situation, this call could have gone another way if all of the parts of this well-orchestrated machine didn't perform flawlessly. If you really think about what we did here we addressed multiple threats simultaneously and flawlessly. Everyone here was on their A-game from our civilian personnel who calibrate our equipment to our helicopter pilots, to every single member of the tactical teams that were here. If one of those parts in this chain was broken this would have ended very differently. I take great pride in the outcome of this situation and it is a testimony of the type of people we have in this bureau. I think this shows a lot of the newer guys why we pay so much attention to the minor details in our training. I hope this shows the people of this county that the Special Enforcement Bureau stands ready to respond to any situation that is posed. Let this serve as a witness that we have the ability in both manpower and equipment to deal with anything that is put before us."


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