Sheriff's Information Bureau

Section for News Releases and Community Outreach.

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Sheriff's Information Bureau
Sheriff's Information Bureau
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Sheriff's Information Bureau

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The Sheriff’s Information Bureau provides a number of services to Department personnel, the general public, and members of the media. The Bureau provides 24-hour liaison between the media and the communities we serve. The Sheriff's Information Bureau's responsibilities include the organizing and conducting events for the department or for the wider community and creation of news release publications.

The Sheriff's Information Bureau was initially constructed and opened in July of 2011. At it's initial opening, the Sheriff's Information Bureau was known as the 'Media Division' and the 'Special Projects Division', before attaining it's name as the Sheriff's Information Bureau in May of 2012.

Personnel assigned to Operations are responsible for a variety of duties, both field and administrative. Office of Operations, Sheriff's Information Bureau, is tasked with planning, organizing and supervising Departmental ceremonies, community-oriented events and other arrangements directed by the Director of the Office.

    The Executive Projects Team plans, coordinates and choreographs major Department awards ceremonies and events, including the monthly Bulletin Boards. They are also responsible for annual holiday parties, years of service and promotional luncheons, and other special events. They also provide assistance to other Departmental units in the preparation of scrolls and certificates; building dedications; funerals for peace officers killed in the line of duty; and assist other Department units with award nominations for outside agencies.

    The Community Policing Services Team promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. Officers assigned to COPS team constantly patrol their areas, maintaining relationships between the Department and communities they serve. Community Policing Services Team plans, organizes and supervises community-oriented events hosted by the L.S County Sheriff's Department.

The SIB Media Desk is tasked with upholding one of the main principles exercised by the Sheriff's Information Bureau - transparency. Public Information Officers provide commentary on various incidents and operations covered by the LS County Sheriff's. Additionally, one of the main responsibilities held by the Media Desk is preparing, editing, proofreading and publishing News Releases.

    The mission of the Electronic Communications Team (eComm) is to manage the Department’s FaceInvader account as well as any other social media platform (including websites); and, train members of the Department on the use of, and to conduct research about electronic and web-based communications. Utilizing a strategic listening process, the eComm unit uses the Internet to locate any activity of a public image or reputation management nature or of concern for the Department, such as force videos, inappropriate employee postings or accounts, or public outrage on an LSSD incident or event. The eComm unit does not handle criminal web-based monitoring or response. If eComm personnel come across information that appears to be criminal or tactically disruptive in nature, or activity that may elicit a large police response or necessitate substantial resources, such as protests, rave parties, school threats, or flash mobs, they will alert a supervisor and the information will be shared. As an agency, LSSD will not interfere with the public’s ability to exercise their rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. The eComm unit also shares information with the public that will help keep the communities throughout Los Santos County safe through the use the Department's web sites and social media platforms.