(( Double Faction Permission ))

Section used for public information, notifications and requests.

___Employment Service Center (ESC);
______Deputy Sheriff Trainee
______Civilian Employment
______Reinstatement & Transfer Requests
___Patrol Car Ride-Along Requests;
___East Los Santos Station;
___Santa Clara Valley Station;
___News Room;
___Internal Affairs — Complaint Form;

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Re: (( Double Faction Permission ))

Post by Tanner_Fisher » March 25th, 2020, 9:21 pm

Los Santos County Sheriff's Department

Primary Faction: San Andreas Sheriff's Department
Name of Character: Tanner Fisher

Secondary Faction: San Andreas State Government
Name of Character: Tanner Fisher will quit it.

Date of Submission: 25/3/2020
Supporting Documentation: show

You are required to report membership of any official faction other than the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. Double-faction permission is automatically granted as long as the form is submitted with proof of permission from the leadership of the secondary faction. Faction leadership reserves the right to revoke double-faction permission at any time. You may have alternative characters as long as you are able to balance your activity. You are limited to two official factions including the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. Double-faction permission is not extended to the Los Santos Police Department.

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